Wall Art Print Size Guide

Choosing the right print size in three easy steps.

1. Decide where to display new artwork

Before you start shopping, decide what your goal is; to create a gallery wall of prints and create a "WOW" factor or to just add one new print.


2. Compare print sizes

The wall art size comparison below gives you a good visual of common print sizes for wall. The couch is approximately six feet long. Start visualizing what print sizes work best for the wall space in home.


3. Create print size wall mock-ups 

  • Measure the wall height and width of your display space. As a rule of thumb, artwork hung over furniture should not be wider than the furniture.
  • Use paper or cardboard to create your mock-ups. Measure and cut them into the print size. Label each one with the name of the picture.
  • Tape the mock-ups onto the wall in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern. Normal spacing is 3" to 6" in-between each piece.
    • Keep the bottom of the print(s) 6" to 12" above a sofa, mantel or shelf to create enough empty visual space for other art or decorations. Also, if artwork is hung above a sofa, try to keep the center of the art at eye level - this tip might help confirm if the print size is right for your space.
  • Step back and take a look at your mock-ups. Decide if they are too big or too small for the wall space and adjust the sizes as needed.