Sunflower Pictures!

color & black and white sunflower photography prints available

All images captured and sold by Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Macro Sunflower PhotoMacro Sunflower Photosunflower macro photo prints for sale at Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Welcome to my sunny sunflower photography picture collection! I am Jennifer LaRoche, a professional photographer from Boston, MA. I photographed the images featured below, at various sunflower fields and gardens throughout Massachusetts, including my own backyard. I love capturing the fine details of a sunflower face as well as wide expansive shots of a gorgeous sunflower field in full bloom. 

Click on any sunflower picture to view it larger & see the photo print sizes. 

If sunflowers are one of your favorite flowers, you might enjoy turning one of my images into wall art for your home! Each image can be purchased on this website as unframed, unmatted photograph. The print will be shipped directly to you from the photo lab. If you are interested in framed prints or canvas photo art they can be purchased through my Etsy shop.  


Sunflower Corolla PetalsSunflower Corolla PetalsHorizontal close up sunflower petals image

Macro image: Sunflower Petals

This part of the flower is also called the Corolla.

Yellow Jacket Bee Close UpYellow Jacket Bee Close UpBee on sunflower photo prints for sale online

Macro image: Close up of a fuzzy Yellow Jacket bee hanging on a sunflower petal

colby farms sunflower field at sunsetColby Farm Sunflower Field SunsetA photograph of Colby Farms sunflower field at sunset

Wide shot image: Sunflower Field at Sunset

I captured this wide shot at Colby Farm's gorgeous sunflower field, in Newbury, MA

horizontal image close up sunflowers with light blue sky at colby farmColby Farm Sunflower FieldA photograph of Colby Farm's sunflower field with light blue sky

Sunflower Close-up with Bumble BeeSunflower Close-up with Bumble BeeMacro flower photography print, close-up sunflower photo with a bumble bee



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I will be adding new sunflower images from time to time.

Sunflower Portrait with Bumble BeeSunflower Portrait with Bumble BeeVertical sunflower photo prints for sale online

Macro image:

Sunflower Petals & Carpenter Bee


fine art vertical black and white image sunflowers in a sunflower fieldBlack and White Sunflowers Vertical LandscapeFine art vertical black and white photo of sunflower field Wide shot image:

Black and White Sunflower Field Portrait

Black and Whtie Sunflower Portrait with Bumble BeeBlack and White Sunflower Portrait with Bumble BeeVertical fine art sunflower photo prints for sale online

Black & White Macro image:

Sunflower Petals & Carpenter Bee


vertical mage yellow sunflower portraitVertical Sunflower PortraitVertical yellow sunflower portrait

Vertical Close-up image:

Back-lit Sunflower Stem

Vertical Sunflower PictureVertical Sunflower PictureVertical sunflower photo, prints available at Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Vertical Close-up image:

Side view of a Single Sunflower Stem



In August & September, I offer sunflower portrait sessions at local Massachusetts sunflower fields. If you're interested in learning more please visit my investment page and portrait gallery.