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Live Performance Concert Photography by Boston Event Photographer Jennifer LaRoche

The Center for Arts in Natick, MA is a community arts organization. They host weekly concerts, plays and open mic nights for local and national recording artists and performers This concert photo gallery highlights the live performance pictures I captured of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., the winner of America’s Got Talent, Jay Psaros, Nellie McKay, Lez Zeppelin band and a variety of folk musicians and singers. For concert photography inquiries, please contact me for quote.
Lez Zepplin Band at TCANSteph Paynes and Megan x ThomasLez Zepplin Band Performing at TCANLez Zepplin Band SingerLez Zepplin Guitarist Steph PaynesSteph PaynesNellie McKay in ConcertNellie McKay in ConcertNellie McKay in ConcertNellie McKay in ConcertNellie McKay in ConcertNellie McKay in ConcertNellie McKay in ConcertLandau Eugene Murphy Jr. ImagesLandau Eugene Murphy Jr. Concert PhotoLandau Eugene Murphy Jr.Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Concert PhotoJay Psaros in concertJay Psaros in concertJay Psaros in concert

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