Choosing Clothing Colors for Fall Portraits

by Boston portrait photographer, Jennifer LaRoche


Here are four simple styling tips to consider.


1. Wear the Colors of the Season

Gorgeous warm earth tones, deep autumn berries or jewel tone color shades are typically the best colors to wear in fall pictures. Select color shades that you feel good wearing and work best with your skin tone and hair color. Build your outfits around one main color. Then select 1-2 complimentary or tonal colors that will tie them all together. The decision to color coordinate or match wardrobe colors always comes down to personal preference. The current trend in portrait photography is to color coordinate outfits. Either choice looks great in family pictures!


  • Avoid wearing all white or all black clothing, large amounts of these colors tend to look blown out or lack luster in photos.  

  • Take a look at the fall portrait clothing color examples below, notice the pops of color among a neutral color pallet and also the contrast of different colors that work well and compliment each other. All look great!


2. Wear Comfortable Outfits (this is key!)

If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show in your facial expressions and posture...and in your portraits. Select garments that fit well you well and are not too tight or baggy. Go for classic looks. These pictures will be hanging on your walls for years to come. Wearing classic clothing looks will make your images feel timeless. Avoid wearing hats and bold graphic clothing as they can both be very distracting in photos.


3. Accessorize - Show your Personal Style!

Accessories add texture to photos. A simple belt, scarf or a layering piece like a cardigan sweater give your outfit a boost! Add some jewelry for extra pizzazz. Don't forget about your shoes, they will be showing in some pictures.  


4. Wear Some Make Up

A little mascara and lipstick will enhance your facial features. Tinted moisturizers, foundations and blush help to smooth out skin tones and reduce redness. If you're prone to oily facial spots, consider applying a little powder before the session to reduce the shine. If you're not comfortable wearing makeup - don't wear it. 



When in doubt, lay it out. Gather all of the outfits, accessories and shoes and lay them out on your bed. Take a picture with your phone so you can envision how they will look in your portraits. This step will give you a chance to add, change or omit clothing items as you see fit!  


photo-examples-of-fall-portrait-clothing-color-ideasphoto-examples-of-fall-portrait-clothing-color-ideasClothing color ideas for Fall Portraits by Boston Photographer Jennifer LaRoche on the web at:


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