Top 10 Questions My Portrait Clients Ask

February 11, 2021


Top 10 Questions My Portrait Clients Ask

A quick read for anyone looking to hire a portrait photographer in the Boston area

Many of my portrait photography clients ask similar questions when they inquire about a photoshoot. In this blog post, I highlight the most frequently asked questions I receive and the answers.


1. How much does a photo session cost?

Professional photography fees vary throughout the country and every photographer sets their own fees for each genre they shoot. Click on the Investment + Booking links above to view my photo service fees for family, high school senior, maternity and engagement photoshoot. Both 30-minute mini sessions and standard 60-minute photoshoots are available. My service and product fees are separate. Photo products are purchased a la Carte with no minimum ordering requirements. In 2021, I introduced three print package options.


2. Can you recommend an outdoor location for our portrait session?

Yes! There are so many great places to take pictures outdoors near me. Go here to view Outdoor Locations for Portrait Photoshoots in eastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod. I love when clients share their session location ideas too.


3. What is your photography style?

My photography style is a combination of creative modern portraits and lifestyle photography. Some clients hire me to take traditional portraits where everyone is looking at the camera. Others hire me to capture mostly candid shots with a few traditional images mixed in. I enjoy both styles equally! You can explore my portfolio galleries above.


4. What is the best time of day for a picture session?

As a rule of thumb, two to three hours after sunrise and before sunset offer the best lighting for outdoor portrait photography. I use the website time and date to plan my session times throughout the year.


5. Can I bring my dog to the photoshoot?

Yes! and... maybe? Your dog is welcome to join our session provided that you book a 60-minute photoshoot and the session location allows dogs on their property. Photographing families with dogs naturally requires more time and a 30-minute session is not long enough.


6. What happens if there's bad weather on our session day?

Living in New England means living with unpredictable weather. If rain is in the forecast, I will make the call to proceed or reschedule the session 1-2 hours before the start time. No one wants soggy wet feet and clothes while having their pictures taken, so 99% of the time we will reschedule for the next available date. Dark stormy cloud covered days with or without rain produce poor light quality for photography. I often reschedule on those days too.


7. How should I dress my family for the pictures?

This is a common question most photographers are asked! Go here to read about:


8. When can I expect to see my pictures?

Fully edited images are ready 5-10 days after the photo session. A private online viewing gallery is provided as part of the service fee.


9. Do you offer photo retouching? 

Yes, light retouching is part of my editing process. Some retouching examples include, to remove a stray hair, a spot on a shirt etc. I will not edit images to reduce the look of cellulite, make someone appear thinner, remove braces, change clothing colors etc. Acne retouching is available for an additional fee.


10. What should I bring with me to the photoshoot? 

I advise my clients to bring any props they want to include in their pictures (ex. a toy, high school senior diploma, a musical instrument etc.). I also recommend bringing a snack, a drink, bug spray and hairspray to tame static hair.


Feel free to send me an email if you have additional questions or you would like to learn more about my portrait photography services. If you are ready to schedule a photoshoot, click on the Book a Session button!