5 Tips for Hanging Wall Art

January 22, 2021

Five Tips for Hanging Wall Art

  Simple eye-catching decorating ideas for displaying framed pictures and canvas art prints.



1. One Big Photo


One exceptionally large family picture will make a bold wall statement in any room!




2. Hang portraits or artwork in a grid pattern


A grid or checkerboard pattern wall layout is a simple way to showcase a lot of canvas pieces or framed prints. The key to this symmetrical wall display is to feature artwork that is all the same size. Landscape, square and vertical print orientations can all be easily hung in a grid pattern.


You can use this layout to hang a mixed collection of old and new family pictures, black and white and color print combos, groups of photos from a special event like a wedding, religious celebration, family party etc. The display example above features nine prints from a family lifestyle photography session.




3. Lean large art pieces


To create a relaxed, casual art display, try leaning a large framed senior portrait, family picture or canvas against a wall. Position it directly on the floor next to a sofa or bed. Then try leaning the same picture on a low shelf or table to see which visual display you like best.  




4. Hang pictures in a row or column


Wall art displayed in a horizontal row is aesthetically pleasing to most people. We naturally scan a room or wall from left to right just like we read a book. A row of pictures is easy to view and the simple layout will work above most furniture in your home.


Art displayed in vertical columns can be just as impactful. Do you have a skinny wall to fill? How would a column of pictures look in that space? Try it!


Living-room-wall  cluster display 7 printsLiving-room-wall cluster display 7 prints 5. Create an asymmetrical family photo gallery wall 


There are endless ways to create a classic asymmetrical photo gallery wall display! This example features both vertical and horizontal prints in three different print sizes. 






  • Before purchasing new art, determine what print size(s) work best for your wall space. Visit my Wall Art Size Guide for helpful information. 
  • Group odd numbers of prints together {3,5,7,9}.
  • Place art so that the center point of the piece or grouping is at or close to eye level.
  • Hang art 3" to 6" apart on all sides.
  • For artwork hung above a sofa or table, the piece or grouping should be approximately 2/3 width of the furniture.
  • For framed prints, match the frame colors within a grouping. Frame styles can be mixed.