5 Easy Ways to Support a Local Business

June 24, 2020

How to Support Small Business Online Graphic by Jennifer LaRoche PhotographyHow to Support Small Business Online Graphic by Jennifer LaRoche PhotographyEasy ways to support small Businesses online by Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Small businesses like mine need your help to get back up & running! Some businesses have rebranded their products, updated their services and safety practices to align with our new normal. Many of us are sole proprietors striving to reach more people and continue to build up our client bases. We will be able to keep going with your help!


Here are 5 Easy Ways You Can Support a Local Business


1. Share their Website link with colleagues, family and friends - talk about what makes their business, products and services interesting, fun or unique


2. Share, Like and leave positive Comments on their social media posts - this simple act will help the post reach so many new people!


3. Offer to write a brief review of a product you've used or about the service you've experienced


4. Purchase a Gift Certificate to use at a later date or to give as a gift


5. Choose to shop local and hire local service providers whenever possible!