Family Photos in a Sunflower Field | Colby Farm

September 03, 2019

Colby-Farm-Family-Sunflower-PortraitsColby-Farm-Family-Sunflower-PortraitsBoston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche

Standing in the middle of a sunny Sunflower field is an AWESOME experience! Colby Farm has two gorgeous well maintained fields. One rolls along a hill side and the other is set back, beyond their corn field. The farm offers all kinds of produce and flowers, it's a really nice place to visit and enjoy an afternoon. I look forward to Labor Day weekend because it usually means that the sunflowers will be in full bloom, like they were this past Saturday. These are some of my favorite pictures from my photo shoot with this sweet family.

Little-Girl-Walking-Through-Colby-Farm-Sunflower-Field-PortraitLittle-Girl-Walking-Through-Colby-Farm-Sunflower-Field-Portraitcandid photo of young girl in a sunflower field

Colby-Farm-Sunflower-Field-Family-Photo-ShootColby-Farm-Sunflower-Field-Family-Photo-ShootBoston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche

Young-Girl-Portrait-in-SunflowersYoung-Girl-Portrait-in-SunflowersBoston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche

Family-jumping-in-Colby-Farm-Sunflower-Field-PortraitFamily-jumping-in-Colby-Farm-Sunflower-Field-PortraitBoston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche Colby-Farm-Family-Sunflower-Portraits-2Colby-Farm-Family-Sunflower-Portraits-2Boston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche

colby-farm-sunflower-kids-portraits-sisterscolby-farm-sunflower-kids-portraits-sistersBoston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche

"Because I have a Sister I'll always have a Friend"

Colby-Farm-Kids-Sunflower-PortraitsColby-Farm-Kids-Sunflower-PortraitsBoston Family Photography by Jennifer LaRoche

In 2020, I will be offering sunflower sessions from July - September, at a few different Massachusetts fields. If you'd like to join my session mailing list, please send me an note. I will start booking in April on a first come first serve basis.