Colby Farm Sunflower Field Family Photo Shoot with Jennifer LaRoche Photography

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Colby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sisters-Hugging-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRocheColby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sisters-Hugging-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRochePortraits by Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Sunflower fields have become one of my most favorite spots to photograph clients in nature. The flowers have this magical way of bringing joy to people as soon as you enter the field. Smiles come easy especially when your enjoying the flowers with someone you love! These adorable sisters had so much fun in Colby Farm's beautiful field. We captured so many great shots.....that their mom had a hard time choosing her favorites! These are some of my favorites from their photo shoot.

Colby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids and Family Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRocheColby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids and Family Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRochePortraits by Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Colby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sisters-Laughing-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRocheColby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sisters-Laughing-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRochePortraits by Jennifer LaRoche Photography Colby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRocheColby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRochePortraits by Jennifer LaRoche Photography

portrait by Jennifer LaRoche teen girl with sunflower over her eyeportrait by Jennifer LaRoche teen girl with sunflower over her eyeclose up photo teen girl with sunflower over her eye at colby farm sunflower field

Colby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sisters-Jumping-Photo--by-Jennifer-LaRocheColby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sisters-Jumping-Photo--by-Jennifer-LaRocheaction photo of sisters jumping in a sunflower field

Colby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sister-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRocheColby-Farm-Sunflowers-Kids-Sister-Portraits-by-Jennifer-LaRochePortraits by Jennifer LaRoche Photography


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