Jennifer LaRoche Photography | Boston Photographer Booking Large Group Portraits Plus 6 Planning Tips for Your Session

Boston Photographer Booking Large Group Portraits Plus 6 Planning Tips for Your Session

July 07, 2018

  Are you planning a family reunion, milestone birthday, or

a group photo for your business

and need a photographer?

I'm your girl! I am a Boston based portrait and event photographer, available for travel throughout New England. Organizing a large group photo session can be easily done with a little pre-planning. Once you've got everyone on board for the session date, I can help you with the details. Check out my 6 tips below to get started! 

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Tips to help prepare for your large group photography session


1. Choose a Contact person for the session

The key to a successful large group session starts with choosing one contact person. This person will be the coordinator of all. They are usually the one that makes the arrangements and makes the session payments for the group. They'll be responsible for all communications with me. In addition, they will be confirming the date and time, updating me on special requirements, emailing the list of "must-have" photos, signing the session contracts, coordinating the group shots and then after the session, spreading the word about when the images are ready to purchase. I will work very closely with this person to help ensure that the session runs smoothly and everybody enjoys their time together.


2. Select a Date and Time

Once everyone has committed to a date, select a time of day that works for the little ones in the group, especially the babies and small children that have a routine nap schedule. If they are generally happier in the morning it’s best to book an earlier photo session.


3. Choose your Photography style 

Would you like a casual or more of a formal look for your photos? Your wardrobe style and the session location will help drive this decision. Outdoor sessions tend to have a casual feel. However, your wardrobe choice can make the photos feel more formal.  Where do you envision your session to take place? Some popular choices include: the beach, a park, the top of a mountain, a backyard etc. or were you planning to book an inside venue for the celebration instead?  See wardrobe tips under #4 below.

TIP! Before you decide upon the location, consider everyone in the group. Does anyone have a physical limitation that might make getting to a specific spot challenging?


4. Create a "must-have" photo list

This list is so important for me! I'll need to know who will be grouped together in the photos. This list will also keep everyone on track and the session time flowing properly.  As an example, if I'm photographing a family from three generations, your must-have photo list may look like this:

  1. Group photo of everyone
  2. Group photo of grandchildren and grandparents
  3. Grandparents on their own
  4. All grandchildren together
  5. Each individual family, etc.

Once the must-have photos are captured, there may be time for candid shots. Each family session is unique. The photos we capture will be a cherished keepsake for everyone. 


5. Plan the wardrobe

What to wear is always a big question for every portrait photographer. In the first photo example above, the family is wearing a coordinating color palette of yellow, grey and turquoise. In the second photo, the family is wearing a mix of colors. The decision to coordinate or not to coordinate always comes down to personal preference.

TIP! If you want to coordinate your attire, pick one color palette with 3-4 in season coordinating colors. Here are some examples: 

  • black and white with a pop of color like red, hot pink
  • denim, off white and lt. blue
  • denim, khaki and bright blue
  • pink, navy and grey
  • yellow, turquoise and grey

The color opportunities are endless, I can help guide you! Whatever combination you decide upon, make sure that at least one of the colors is a neutral like, denim, khaki, grey or off white. Instruct everyone to avoid bold patterns as they can be distracting in photos. Layering pieces like a cardigan sweater or scarf are good choices to add some pizzazz and contrast.  


6. Things to bring

This list is totally optional! You don't have to bring any of these items but, you might find it helpful to have some on hand: 

  1. **Bug spray
  2. **Hairspray - key to keeping the flyaway hairs at bay!
  3. **Face powder (to reduce shine) and small mirror
  4. **Snacks and a small bottle of water + napkins
  5. Comb or brush
  6. Lipstick or lip gloss
  7. Safety pins
  8. A lint brush
  9. Extra set of clothes for kids and extra diapers
  10. A favorite toy
  11. A blanket or special chair, if needed
  12. A prop if you'd like to include it in the photos

**If I had to choose what to bring, these would be my top choices!

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