6 Tips for Your Family Portrait Session

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6 Tips for Your

Family Portrait Session

Having a pre-session game plan will help to reduce the stress of preparing for the shoot and enhance your overall experience with your family and photographer. Here are some quick planning tips to consider. 


1. Take time to plan out your outfits

Select your outfits a week or a few days before your session. Be sure to steam or iron the clothes and store them all together with the shoes, socks and accessories, if possible. You'll be happy you did on the day of your session! If you get stuck on what to wear, ask your photographer for some tips. For more information, check out my portrait session prep guide for family, high school senior and large group portraits. It talks about clothing colors ideas, style tips and what to bring to your photo session. 

photo-examples-of-fall-portrait-clothing-color-ideasphoto-examples-of-fall-portrait-clothing-color-ideasClothing color ideas for Fall Portraits by Boston Photographer Jennifer LaRoche on the web at:


 2. Talk with your children about the photo session

Get your kids excited about the shoot! Talk about:

  • where the session will take place
  • who's going to be there
  • and what they will be doing

Talk a little bit about your photographer too, especially if they will be meeting her/him for the first time. Show your kid's old family photos to help them feel more comfortable with the whole experience. These tips are especially important for families with young children and/or shy children.


3. Ask everyone to be cheerful participants

Happy moods are contagious. Encourage everyone especially dads and kids, to be open to the experience of being photographed with their family. Have a fun plan in mind for after the shoot too! 


4. Think of funny things to get them smiling

Keep a funny word or phrase in mind to use to get everyone smiling and/or laughing! It could be a private joke, a funny line from a movie or tv show or just something goofy you made up. Whatever works, use it!  


5. Plan to have some fun!  

Sometimes having a toy or activity to share (like blowing bubbles) helps create opportunities to capture fun candid shots. Share your ideas with your photographer.


6. Arrive well rested with a full belly! 


About Jennifer LaRoche Photography

Jennifer LaRoche is a Massachusetts based portrait artist and event photographer located in MetroWest, specializing in family and senior portraiture. For inquires and bookings, please send an email.



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