Product Photography and Selling Tips for eBay

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eBay Product Photography Tips

Are you trying to sell products on eBay? Good product photos sell products. It's true! If your items are not selling, reshoot your images, update your titles and refresh your descriptions. Here are some other photo tips to consider.

  1. Shoot your products with a simple white background. If you plan to sell a lot of products you might consider purchasing a light box. You'll find many different offerings online. I use inexpensive white foam board as a backdrop. You can buy single pieces or a trifold at your local craft store. I used both for the images below.
  2. Shoot with a camera as opposed to cell phone for the best clarity and light control.
  3. Shoot with flash or natural light from a nearby window.
    • Tips for flash:   Directing flash right at the product will produce a harsh cast/shadows and possibly bright hot spots, especially if the item is reflective. Instead, aim the flash up towards a white ceiling or over towards an adjacent white wall. If the wall isn't white, try hanging something that's solid white to bounce the light off of, like a bed sheet or foam board. This simple step will produce a softer light on the product. 
    • Tips for natural window light: position your table/white foam board backdrop about 5' to 8' away from the window (adjust as needed). Diffuse the bright light by closing the window sheers/curtains (if white) or by hanging a thin white sheet over the window.
  4. Shoot clear, close up photos. The more details you can show the better the chances of selling the item.
    • Try shooting in Aperture Priority Mode to control the depth of field. 
    • Your camera settings will vary depending upon the item you are shooting, the background color, lens and the available light. Take several test shots and make adjustments as needed.
    • If the photos are coming out too dark, increase your ISO.
    • The images below were shot in Manual Mode with the following camera settings: ISO 200, f/5, 1/200th shutter speed. I aimed my NIkon SB-700 speedlight at the white ceiling above and also bounced it off the side of the white foam board. After a few small edits in Photoshop and Voila! it was ready to list. Shoot every side of the item to really show it off.
  5. Shoot the product with something that shows size or depth, like a ruler or a quarter for perspective.

  6. Shoot the product in use, if possible.

  7. Shoot the vendor tags (designer tags, price tags, size tags etc.)

  8. Shoot the product in and out of the packaging, if possible.

  9. Edit the photos. Use editing software to lighten darker images, add contrast and clarity as needed. There are free editing software programs online that will do the trick.


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eBay Product Titles and Descriptions

 Detailed product titles and descriptions also help sell product!

  • Review eBay selling tips - lots of good info!
  • Before you list a product, do some research. Look up similar items on eBay and google to find the keywords that will accurately describe the product you're selling.
  • Write concise listing titles. The first few words in the listing title are usually the most important. They determine how the product will rank in the search results. Choose them wisely! This is how I titled the bracelet above: Shamballa Macramé Bracelet {the first three words describe the kind of bracelet} Shiny Faceted Beads and Crystal Pave Bead Ball {these words describe the type of beads}. I had my first bid on this bracelet 30 minutes after listing it! I must admit that it was very quick and not a typical result.
  • Consider including short descriptive bullets that highlight the important things you want the viewer/buyer to know about your product. This information might include:
    • If it's new, never used, pre-owned or vintage (include the era, if known)
    • Color variations, if the photos show that it's brighter, darker or lighter than the actual product
    • Imperfections, list them if any. Buyers will appreciate your honesty.
  • List your product in the correct search category - SO important! Refer to eBay's selling tips for more info.
  • Price your product competitively (do the research!).


Lastly, don't forget to promote your listings!

eBay offers sh are buttons for email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy Selling!









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