Tips for choosing a Camera

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Choosing a camera can seem a bit daunting since there are SO MANY awesome choices out there! Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Minolta, Leica + many others, they all offer something special that appeals to each user. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Set a budget & only research camera's that fall within the $$ range.
  2. Narrow down what type of camera you want. Here are some popular options: 
    • Point & Shoots are smaller in size, have a specific focal length range and a lower cost. 
    • Mirrorless and DSLRs have more in-camera function options, usually more megapixels (better resolution/image quality) and interchangeable lenses. They also cost a lot more $$$. 
  3. Talk with an expert! Your local camera shop is the best place to start your search and test out gear. The staff are usually armed with a wealth of information about each brand.
  4. Read LOTS of reviews & watch demonstration videos to help you decide. Here are some of my favorite places to find info:
    • Popular Photography Magazine -  for the latest gear information
    • B&H Photo: - for customer reviews and demonstration videos
    • Digital Photography Review: for professionally tested gear reviews and comparisons
    • Various photographers video posts on YouTube
  5. Consider used gear, be sure to buy from a reputable shop or owner. 
  6. Rent before you buy, if you can. This step will help you make sure you're happy with the weight, hand grip, LCD size, user functionality and picture quality. Google local camera shops and online shops with rental gear options. 

I am a lifelong Nikon user. If I had unlimited funds, I would definitely add a few more brands to my repertoire! Investing in camera gear is a big commitment. My advice is to always buy what you can afford and really enjoy using it! I captured some of my favorite photos with an old, lower megapixel DSLR including the photo below, which is hanging on the wall in a U.S. Coast Guard station right now! Invest in good glass, a great lens can sometimes be a bigger asset to you than an expensive camera.

I hope these tips were helpful! ~Jen menemsha texaco gas pumps dock and american flag imageMenemsha Texaco Dock, Martha's VineyardSoft sunset photo of the Menemsha Texaco dock and gas pumps.


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