Policies / F.A.Q.


What are the fees for your photography service? My pricing is structured differently for Portraits and Events. Click here to view my investment page. A 6.25% tax will be added to contracts for events held in Massachusetts.

Are digital files included in the sitting fee? Digital files and photo products are not included in the sitting fee. They are purchased separately, after the session, from a la carte price menu. There are no minimum ordering requirements and no photo package obligations.

Terms of Use: Jennifer LaRoche Photography reserves the right to use captured images in any form such as, but not limited to, the use in business advertising, reproduction, and copyright. All images are copyrighted to Jennifer LaRoche, even those you purchase. Copying, scanning or reproducing images is strictly prohibited. Screen-grabbing of images from Jennifer LaRoche Photography is also strictly prohibited. By visiting this website and/or hiring Jennifer LaRoche Photography, you agree to these terms.

What are your booking requirements? I book clients on a first come, first serve basis. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your specific date and time. ​Deposits must be paid on the day of our verbal or written agreement to ensure your date/time will be reserved. For Portraits, Weddings & Events the remaining balance is due on the date of the session or event. In some instances, I may require payment in full at the time of booking. 

Payments: Deposits are payable by credit card, through PayPal. Session and event balances can be paid in cash or with a check made payable to Jennifer LaRoche. **There is $50 fee for returned checks. 

Do you have a portrait studio? ​I do not have a portrait studio at this time. I am available for year-round weekday and weekend, on-location indoor and outdoor sessions. There are no travel fees for sessions with a 10 mile radius of 01760.

What if I can't make my session or the weather is bad? Can I reschedule? I keep an eye on the forecast several days leading up to your session. If rain or snow is expected during your session, I will send an email or call to reschedule with my next available date. The deposit fees are non-refundable. You may apply it towards a rescheduled date (must be booked within 6 months).  If you reschedule or need to cancel your portrait session more than twice, you will lose your deposit fee and be required to pay another one to book your session. If you are a no-show to your session without prior notification, your deposit is no longer transferable. You will have to repay an additional deposit to rebook your session.

What is the best time of day to schedule outdoor Portraits? The best time of day to capture portraits is when the sunlight is softer. Within 2-3 hrs. after sunrise or 2-3 hrs. before to sunset is usually best. 

Can you suggest locations for our session? Yes! I have lots locations in mind...beaches, apple orchards, sunflower fields, hill tops, woodlands, arboretums, parks, old barns etc. I'm always open to new ideas and locations. I am happy to work with you to make your session the best experience I can. 

What should we wear for our photo shoot? This is a top question for many clients. Check out my Portrait Session Prep page for some tips! 

Do you edit images? Yes. I edit images as needed to ensure proper color balance, exposure and sharpness. I do not edit images to reduce the look of cellulite, make someone appear thinner, to remove braces etc.

How long will my images and proof gallery be available? The client's private online proof gallery will be available for 14 days. Prints and other photo products must be purchased within this time period. All images will be purged from photographer's hard-drive 30 days after the gallery delivery date, except as needed for promotional purposes, to be determined by the photographer's sole discretion. Photographer is not responsible for loss or damage to digital files due to circumstances beyond the photographer's control.

Do you sell RAW files? No, I do not sell RAW files. Images can be purchased as high-resolution jpegs (digital files) only.

Do you have back up camera equipment? Yes! I have two camera bodies + several flashes and lenses. 

Do you have insurance?  Yes! If a venue requires proof of insurance, I can provide a copy.

Do you have a Client Referral Program? Yes, I love referrals! I offer a 20% service discount to the referring client, when a new client is booked. 

Do you offer Gift Certificates for Portrait Sessions? Yes!  Click here.