Tips for Choosing Photo Canvas Wall Groupings

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Canvas sizes shown: (4) 11"x 14" and (1) 20"x 30" 

Fill your walls with memories!

As a photographer, I want my clients to print and enjoy their images. One great way to do this is by designing a customized canvas print grouping for your wall. It's a perfect interior design statement for any room!  Consider these tips and visual examples when deciding what sizes to buy and how to arrange your prints.  

  1. Always measure the height and width of the space where the art will be displayed.
  2. For visual reference, measure and cut pieces of paper or cardboard into the print sizes you'd like to buy. Label, arrange and tape your display samples onto the wall. Space them 3" apart on each side. 
  3. Step back and take a look. Decide if the samples are too big or too small for the space and adjust as needed. 


Examples for 5' wide walls (60")


Canvas Print Sizes | Left: (9) 10"x10" |   Right: (3) 16"x24" canvas prints

Examples for 6' wide walls (72")


Canvas sizes shown: (2) 10"x10", (1) 12"x12", (1) 16"x16", (1) 20"x20" & (1) 24"x24"


Canvas Print Sizes | Left: (4) 12"x12", (4) 10"x20" & (1) 10"x10" |  Right: (2) 10"x10", (1) 12"x12", (1) 16"x16", (1) 20"x20" & (1) 24"x24"

Examples for 7' wide walls (84")


Canvas Print Sizes | Left: (1) 10"x10", (3) 10"x20" and (2) 20"x20" |  Right: (4) 10"x10", (4) 10"x20""and  (1) 20"x20"


Canvas Print Sizes |  Left: (1) 12"x16" and (4) 18"x24"  |  Right: (4) 11"x 14" and (1) 20"x 30" 


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